All of our online activities are delivered on web pages which are free from advertisements and links to other web sites. We present them this way to ensure that your learners are able to use our site to practice their access skills in a safe online environment, free from distractions. Our activities are also available to download and use directly from your computer or network.
You can download PECS choosing cards and other free resources to support our activities from HERE.

Use the folders below to download all of our accessible activities to use on your computer. Only registered members are able to download. Registration is free and takes only a minute. Download activities are for PC computers running the Windows operating system. Simply download and copy the activities to a folder on your computer.

Open each day's gift for a different, accessible activity every day until Christmas Day. Starts 1st of December.
SEN Switcher is a suite of 140 high-contrast activities designed for young people who are learning to use a switch, touch-screen or pointing device. Activities are chosen from a menu which demonstrates skills progression. Sen Switcher was designed by Ian Bean. You can download SEN Switcher as stand-alone files to run on your Windows computer from the download folders.

Our learners are all individuals with unique interests. One size often only fits one. If you have an idea for an activity you feel will help motivate and engage your learners, please use our Contact Form and share it with us. We'll do our best to make it for you.

SENict Software Online is a unique web site providing over 30 carefully designed, motivating teaching applications for young people with special educational needs who are learning to interact with a computer using assistive technology devices such as switches, touch, mouse and eye gaze.

Each application is linked to 'small steps' skills progression documents and assessment materials. This helps you to assess your learners, set meaningful targets for them, teach them new skills and monitor their progress. You'll also find a range of useful ICT training videos, extension activities and offline tools to support your learners and help them generalise their access skills.

Teaching activities on SENict Software online feature an enhanced version of the access settings used for the activities on this web site. If you have used the free activities here, you already know how to use these full teaching packages. All of the teaching activities at SENict Software can be used online or downloaded and installed on all of the computers in your school. Start a free seven day trial today. SENict Software Online is developed and managed by Ian Bean. Members of this web site can save 5% on an annual school subscription to SENICT Software Online by using this discount code at the checkout. UPGRADE20
Use the folders below to access our growing collection of useful support materials and exciting, relevant web sites. Training course delegates can also access handouts from all of my courses from the 'Handouts' folder below.