PD Centre subscribers can access all of the SENict Software resources above including twenty eight teaching activities together with support materials and helpful videos. Click the 'Support' folder to find out more about each of the teaching activities. SENict Software teaching activity downloads are for Windows PC computers only.

Our free activities have been carefully designed to help young people make progress with their access skills using assistive technology such as switches, touch devices, pointing devices and eye gaze systems. Use the topics folders below to select and download all of our free accessible activities to use on your PC computer. Download activities are for PC computers running the Windows operating system. They are not compatible with the MAC or mobile devices. Once downloaded, you can simply copy the activities to a folder on your computer.

You can download PECS choosing cards and other free support resources from HERE.

Download our 2021 accessible Advent calendar. A different Christmas themed activity each day in December for switch, touch, mouse and eye gaze users.


SENict Resources USB Mem Stick

Over 500 free activities are available with more being added each month. Downloading and copying 500 files can take some considerable time so we are pleased to be able to offer this USB memory stick which contains all 500 of our activities plus a large collection of other training and support files. Activities can be run directly from the memory stick of copied to a folder on your computer.

SENict Memstick owners can use this file to update their devices to include the latest activities. Simply download the file, unzip and drag the contents onto your memstick. If prompted, choose to overwrite the existing files. This will update your memstick to include any new activities which have been added since your purchase.

If you want to learn more about how to use our activities in the classroom, you may be interested in watching our short video.

Professional Development Subscribers have access to over 30 hours or training videos and recorded webinars plus free places on all of my online training.