From 1st January 2024, I will no longer be offering 'on-site' school training on a 'per day' basis. Much of this type of training has been moved to the PD Centre of my website to which schools can subscribe, giving their staff opportunities to plan their own CPD targeting the help they need and allowing them to engage with it at a time that best suits them.  I will instead focus on virtual training and comprehensive multi-day support packages for schools which, in my opinion provide better oportunities for ongoing, targeted support through regular school visits and 'as needed' virtual consultancy meetings. I'd like to introduce my current offer to schools.

Off Site Virtual Training

"The virtual training was INCREDIBLE. It was really inspiring and so many people pretty much bounced out of the room excited about how they can open the world up for their pupils." St. Giles School Retford

Ian is now able to offer virtual training and support to schools and organisations involved in the education of young people with severe and complex addititional support needs anywhere in the world. Using Zoom and other online communication technologies, Ian can deliver training on all aspects of using ICT to support communication and learning to your whole school, small groups or provide 1:1 support sessions for individual members of staff wherever your school is in the world. You can choose the session times to suit your school's needs. Ian can provide everything from whole day, mornings, afternoons and twilight sessions. We'll do our very best to accomodate your needs.

All of our virtual training is recorded and you will receive a private link for colleagues to re-engage with the training at a time that suits them for 12 months from the date of the training. Comprehensive handouts are supplied which you can share on your school network.

If you would like to learn more about our virtual training or have questions, please use the CONTACT form or give Ian a ring on 07896 604303.

A local authority SEN Advisor once said. "If we could just put Ian Bean into a box and deliver him to all of our special schools once a term, we could really make a difference." Well now you can with a ...

'Beanie in a Box' Training and Support Package

No, were not really putting Ian into a box and posting him around the country. Our fixed fee 'Beanie in a Box' packages provide your school or organisation with three days of support, training and consultancy tailored to your individual needs and focusing specifically on meeting your goals. The package is entirely flexible. Ian will visit your school and work with students, class colleagues or the whole school depending on your needs and agreed outcomes. Ian can help you with every aspect of using technology to support the learning and communication needs of young people with additional needs.

"We have found the Beanie in a Box input with Ian extremely useful as a school. Ian provides flexibility which allowed us to tailor the input to best suit our needs. Ian engaged positively with staff and pupils and we have seen improved outcomes based on his input. Staff found his observation and discussion sessions extremely useful and he was also able to provide whole school training input. Ian worked closely with key staff and really got to know our school and our children. Ian's expertise is invaluable and we look forward to working with him again this school year."
Calaiswood School

Hands on with class colleagues
Many schools opt to use part of their support time to have Ian work directly with classroom staff often together with the students to help solve access barriers to communication and learning. We can look at what technology is available in class and how to make the most of it, embedding its use in class teaching and recording and monitoring progress as it happens. Whatever the classroom staff and students need, Ian is there to help them and will be back throughout the school year to support and extend their work with technology.

Assessment support and guidance for students
We've all encountered students who face real challenges when it comes to accessing learning and communication. Ian can be there to help you assess their access needs, provide recommendations for equipment (if you don't already have it) and share teaching strategies to help your student begin to make progress. Class staff will learn how to assess their own students too. Our on-going support agreement means that Ian will be back in school regularly to continue to support the student and the classroom staff across the whole of the school year.  

"I would highly recommend the 'Beanie in a box' consultancy days with Ian Bean to any School!
Ian is a font of knowledge and he presents this in a fun, motivating and engaging way. The Beanie in a Box package allows flexibility and personalisation towards each setting and since we have completed ours - we have noticed staff are using technology more purposefully within classes due to them feeling more confident. Thanks for all your support Ian!"
Heatherwood School

Training and support for the whole school

Many of the schools Ian works with choose to use some of their support time for whole school training. This can be a full CPD day or one or more twilight sessions delivered after the students have gone home. Whatever best meets your needs. Ian has delivered whole school training around the world for over twenty years and guarantees that whatever topic you choose to focus on, he will deliver sessions that your staff will both enjoy and find lots to take away to use in their classroom practice.

Flexible and responsive to your needs

Our flexible approach to school support ensures that your school or organisation receives the very best consultancy, training and support for your staff and students, addressing specifically your individual needs and goals. Whatever you need to achieve measurable success when teaching with assistive and communication technology, Ian will help you make it happen.

Ongoing support and additional resources
Our 'Beanie in a Box' support doesn't end when Ian leaves your school. Ian continues to provide support to colleagues remotely via email and Zoom meetings and training sessions. All schools who take up one of our packages also receive a free one year school subscription to SENict PD Centre which provides online self-guided training courses, focused training videos and a huge library of other exclusive resources. 

Our support package includes any additional preparation time, report writing and the development of individualised resources for specific classes or students. A single fixed fee covers everything. You choose the dates for school visits as you need them. Here's what you get.

  • Three full days (9:00 am to 3:30 pm) in your school plus twilight sessions if requested.
  • Ongoing support through online meetings and training sessions.
  • Free one year school subscription to SENict PD Centre
  • No additional costs for report writing, preparation and making personalised ICT resources.
  • A single fixed fee - no additional travel, accommodation or other expenses.

All we ask is that you take your support days within 12 months of Ian's first visit to your school.

Want to know more?

If any of this is of interest to your school or organisation and you'd like more information, please visit our Contact Page and send us a message. Ian will get back to you to arrange a convenient time for a phone call. Please note: if you plan to phone Ian directly, please note that he works in schools most weekdays and is often unable to take your call. Please leave a message and he will get back to you.