Free Resources Booklet

Free Resources Booklet Oct 16

Our new free resources booklet is now online and it’s packed with free programs, apps and web sites which you may find useful. There’s some real gems this time. How about creating your own switch accessible YouTube videos in just a couple of clicks? No programming degree or hipster hair cut required. Or what about free software to enable your students to play and compose music on their eye gaze system. Its all there and it’s all free.

You’ll find the PDF on our Documents Library Page.

SENICT Document Library

We hope you find it useful.

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  1. Lesley

    Hi my daughter has a iPad with a I switch
    Which is the only games she can play .
    Harriet uses Ian bean only at school as that the only way she can use it .
    As she has complex needs and she cannot see a lap top only a clamp onto the a stand so the iPad is in front of her but I can’t find a package to support her with her switch I am not sure what I am doing with the downloads and which is the best to download could you help me as I want to pay monthly for her to access these games

    1. Ian Bean

      Hi Lesley. many thanks for your message. Unfortunately none of the activities on this website will work with your daughter’s iPad. This is something I am currently working on but it may be some time before I have a solution.

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