Free Gazespeaker Suite for Eye Gaze


It seems to me that if you want to make BIG money in the special needs market, the place to be is eye gaze. It’s not uncommon to see pretty mediocre software commanding huge prices simply because it has a ‘For Eye Gaze’ label. Excited this morning to find the free (yes free) Gaze Speaker eye gaze suite. Gaze Speaker is a suite of applications designed for use with your eye gaze setup. The suite features a full AAC environment, a configurable web browser and a skills building section much like the expensive ‘eye gaze skills progression’ software we see from major suppliers.

gazespeaker2Easy to set up and constantly evolving this is suite has built in support for Eye Tribe and Tobii eye. Select mouse control and it will also work with head mouse systems too. Well worth a look.

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