Assistive Technology in China

I was recently asked to work together with a large assistive technology company based in Shenzhen in China to help them spread the word about inclusive education and assistive technology to schools and other organisations.

Hong Kong

So after almost a day of travelling from my home near Manchester, my plane landed in Hong Kong airport. I was met by driver and taken across the border into mainland China and my base for the trip in Shenzhen. I know from my many trips overseas that I suffer from jet lag so tried to get my body clock in rhythm with the + 8 hours time zone.


My first 'work' was a full day presentation and discussion on Inclusive teaching and learning for colleagues at Honeycomb Technologies. You probably haven't heard the name but if you work in special education, you will know the products they make. Big Mack, Jelly Bean switches? Honeycomb make many assistive technology products for Ablenet. It was a interesting day and a day of learning on both sides. I shared with them how assistive technology forms an integral part of teaching and learning in special education, they shared with me lots of background on the implementation of assistive technology and special education in China. This is information that will be invaluable in the coming days when I will be speaking to schools and organisations.


A great start to what will be a very stimulating two weeks of learning and sharing. Tomorrow I head out to Giandong Province for a visit to the Nanhai Affiliated Maternity and Children's Hospital to see the work of Professor Zhenhuan Liu, whose work with children with cerebral palsy has gained international recognition.

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