In this Skill Builder webinar, we’ll explore teaching eye gaze as an access method for young people with severe and complex support needs who are working at or below a cause and effect level. In particular, we’ll discuss the concept of causal loops.

In my visits to schools around the world, I have seen many learners with profound and complex needs sat in front of screens they were not physically able to look away from making patterns with eye gaze software without any understanding of what was happening. They look at the screen and patterns appear. They look at the interesting patterns… and more patterns appear. The learner is caught in a causal loop.

Developing an understanding of cause and effect with an eye gaze system is a much more involved process than with other technologies. The student needs to learn and understand that the effects on the screen are being created because their eyes are looking at it. As there is no physical connection between the student’s cause and the screen effect, this is quite abstract and a sizable cognitive leap for many students with profound and complex needs.

This webinar is perfect for colleagues new to using eye gaze with students at this this level or those who want to refine their existing skills and knowledge.








Topic: Skill Builder Eye Gaze Skills: Causal Loops and how to avoid them
Hosted By: Ian Bean
Start: Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023 16:00
Category: Eye Gaze Skills
Duration: 45 minutes
Current Timezone: Europe/London

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