A trainer with a global reputation

Ian has devised and delivered 100s of bespoke training sessions for 1000s of teachers, support staff and therapists in schools, colleges and other organisations in the UK and around the world. His unique blend of confidence building, practical advice and easily replicable novel teaching strategies are delivered in an engaging and entertaining way to ensure your staff will leave the training motivated and ready to try all that they have learned in their classrooms the very next day.

All of our training sessions are backed up with a comprehensive pack of handouts, exemplar materials and online support and encouragement long after the course has ended. For more information about our training and consultancy services, please visit our contact page to discuss your requirements.

Training on all aspects of using AT to support communication and learning needs

Underpinned by 20 years of experience and informed by thousands of hours working with educators and therapists in classrooms around the world, our training focuses firmly on the use of technology to support the communication, learning and independence of students with special educational needs.

All of our courses are delivered by Ian Bean, an experienced special needs teacher, trainer and consultant. We would never send a substitute. Each school we work with is different. Our training has been carefully designed to meet your unique staff development priorities.  We offer both face to face and online training.


Online Professional Development Centre
SENict now provides a comprehensive package of training courses direct from our website through our Professional Development Centre. Our online training focuses specifically on developing the communication and access skills of young people with severe, profound and complex needs. You'll find courses covering switches, touch devices, pointing devices and eye gaze alongside early communication and guidance on embedding the use of assistive technology into every aspect of the school day.

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PD Centre subscribers are able to join exclusive live Zoom training sessions covering a wide range of topics held almost every week and can watch recordings of all past sessions at any time.

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Subscribers to our Professional Development Centre also get access to our library of training videos, course handouts and hundreds of free resources and software you can use to assess and teach these important life skills. A year's subscription to our Professional Development Centre costs as little as £18.00 for an individual or £90 for the whole school. For more information, visit our Professional Development Centre.


SENict offers a wide range of flexible face to face training and support packages. 

'Beanie in a Box' - Training and support packages for schools and other organisations
Find out more about our exclusive 'Beanie in a Box' service level training and support packages we offer to schools and other organisations who are working with young people who experience severe and profound additional needs. Flexible and responsive support, training and consultancy tailored to meet your specific needs and goals for learning and communication with assistive technology.

Motivate - Engage - Influence - Control: Assistive and communication technology for learners with severe and complex additional support needs.

This course explores good practice in use of assistive and communication technology at the earliest levels of learning for young people with severe and complex additional support needs. We will look at strategies for motivating and engaging pre-intentional learners with technology and help them make progress toward an understanding of cause and effect.

We will highlight positive examples of young people working at a cause and effect level across a range of access devices and share assessment and recording materials, teaching strategies and lesson ideas to help them consolidate their understanding that they are able to extend influence and control over the world around them.

Access to comprehensive handouts will be provided which include links to free assessment and recording materials, developmental skills progression guides and over 350 free teaching activities for switch, touch-screen, mouse and eye gaze users.

This full-day workshop can be delivered to small groups or to the whole school as part of your CPD programme.

NEW 'Making Progress with SENict Resources' - Twilight Session
This exciting and interactive twilight session explores the hundreds of free resources on our website and how you can use them to help your students make progress with their use of switches, touchscreens, mouse or eye gaze systems.

We'll explore assessment and skills progression across the range of access devices and show you how you can integrate assistive technology into every part of the school day. Your staff will leave the session inspired to use technology to support communication, learning and leisure.

Every school booking a session also receives a free one-year subscription to our Online Professional Development Centre where you will find assessment materials, teaching guides, recording materials training videos and over 30 full-package teaching programs for switch, touchscreen, mouse and eye gaze users.

For more information about this or any other of our services, please visit our Contact page.

Assess and Make Progress 
Based on our popular switch, touch, pointing device and eye gaze progression documents, this one-day course focuses on developing the skills needed to assess your students for access devices and how best to teach those skills as an integral part of the school day. This course is supported by a comprehensive hand-out pack which includes assessment guides, small step progression guides for switch, touch, pointing device and eye gaze users, access passport templates and other useful documents. 

ICT: Inclusive, Creative Teaching with iPads 
If you are looking for new and exciting ways to extend the use of iPads in the classroom, this workshop is for you. We'll share a raft of engaging curriculum themed activities suitable for students with severe and complex needs using amazing apps that (almost) everyone in your class can access. Digital literacy; animation and film making, virtual and augmented reality, music and art are all covered.

Switch Skills Progression - ideas and activities
Based on the very popular 'Switch Progression Road Map', this session provides ideas, inspiration and examples of best practice to help move your switch skills teaching away from the computer in the corner of the classroom and into every aspect of the school day and beyond using games, toys, ACC devices and iPads if you have them in school.

Communication and Technology for Profound and Complex Needs  This course for practitioners working with students experiencing profound and complex needs focuses on how technology might contribute to the development of early communication skills. We explore access assessment and skills development with a range of technologies as tools to support engagement and participation in classroom teaching.
Assistive Tech

Assistive Technology: What Every School Needs to Know 
Life is difficult enough for our students with additional needs with the many challenges they face. Using the computer shouldn't be one of them. This informative, practical session explores common difficulties to computer access for people with physical and / or cognitive difficulties and demonstrates how technology can help overcome them. Delivered to small or large groups.

Eye Gaze and the Special Learner
This course explores eye gaze systems and software for students with severe and profound additional needs and what it can realistically deliver in the classroom. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of eye gaze and how to interpret the results from the analysis tools to enable you to make informed decisions about teaching with this new technology.

This is not an exhaustive list.
Ian can provide training on any aspect of using technology to support the communication, learning and independence skills of children and adults with special needs. Whatever your focus, Ian will devise and deliver informative and engaging training that will help you reach those goals.  Remember too that all of our training is bespoke and tailored specifically to meet the needs of your school. Interested in having Ian deliver training alongside your staff and pupils in school? Ian has been fully vetted and holds an enhanced disclosure CRB certificate, details of which can be supplied on request.

Here's what people have been saying about our training.

"This made me think carefully about our use of ICT in school and what our students learn from it."
"Excellent app ideas to use in class - can't wait to go through all of the resources and hand-outs."
"Loads of accessible information that was completely pertinent to my situation and development needs."
"Lots to learn, but using plenty of humour and being very clear about what we want children to learn."
"Left me thinking hard about our use of eye gaze and how we know that it is working for our students."
"Ian was excellent! Funny, witty, honest and never afraid to answer questions."

Ian was a knowledgeable and very lively presenter whose dedication to meeting the needs of the pupils was at the heart of everything he said."
"Delightfully irreverent!" 


Since COVID, it has been very difficult to plan face to face training due to changes in official regulations and advice. We understand that the situation may change quickly and you may have to cancel your training sometimes with little notice. We are happy to accept bookings on the understanding that you may have to cancel. All we would ask is for you to give us 48 hours notice. Please note: We do not ask for deposits or payment in advance.


Flexible options to suit your school or organisation

Here at SENICT, we know how difficult it can be to find the time (and budget) to fit ICT training into your already busy training schedule. To help, we provide a range of flexible options. Whatever you choose, we'll agree a programme with you, deliver motivating and engaging training and provide you with a comprehensive pack of support materials which will be useful long after the training is over.

Full Day Training
Specifically tailored to meet the needs of your school, staff and students, our whole day hands-on training will give your staff the skills and confidence they need and inspire them to use ICT effectively to support learning across the curriculum.

Half Day Training (afternoons only)
Can't give up a full day? Same great service as our full day training but starting at 12:00 noon.

PM Plus Training
With PM Plus we provide an afternoon of training or consultancy for key members of staff together with a twilight session after the students have gone home. How you organise the sessions is up to you. Some schools opt for a consultancy in the afternoon perhaps working with the ICT coordinator to look at an ICT development plan or schemes or work. Maybe you would like Ian to work with key staff to help them develop assistive technology assessment skills, or perhaps some hands-on training for those best able to share their skills around school? Your PM Plus session finishes with a twilight session for some or all of the staff. Your day... you decide.

Twilight training and workshops
Most schools have invested heavily in purchasing ICT equipment and software. Maybe you want to learn how to make your own accessible resources. Perhaps you've just invested in iPads and want to learn how to use them more effectively or you just want to make better use of your expensive resources. Our twilight hands-on sessions will give your staff the skills they need and the confidence to use your ICT more productively. Our twilight workshops are designed to fit into your school day and can run from 3pm to 6pm.

Whatever your needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.