Touch Screen Software for FREE


If you work with students who access the computer using touch screens, you won’t want to miss these fully featured programs you can download for the PC and Mac for free.


Reactickles Magic

We all loved the Reactickles Magic app on the iPad. Now you can use it on your PC or Mac too. Ten colorful engaging activities that can be controlled by touch, switch, pointing device and voice, all designed to help your students develop and extend their understanding of cause and effect.

Download Reactickles Magic

lightboxCause & Effect Sensory Light Box

Light Box has long been my tool of choice for students working at cause and effect on the iPad. Twenty four activities offering different visual and auditory effects that can be operated by switches, touch, pointing device and voice. Light Box is simple to set up and free to download for the Mac and PC. Don’t miss it.

Download Sensory Lightbox