REACT: Shapes 1

REACT: Shapes 1 is the first in our series of motivating programs designed for children with special educational needs who are learning to use a switch, touch-screen or pointing device. The program generates colourful animating patterns with moving and morphing shapes set to music appropriate to those with complex additional needs.

React: Shapes was carefully designed as a cause and effect program for early switch, touch screen and mouse users

Choose an access method and you're away. Every interaction with the program generates colourful moving patterns of high contrast shapes set to stirring music which will have your student / child really looking, listening and responding to the screen. Designed specifically for those with more complex needs, React Shapes features high contrast colours, dark backgrounds and is perfect for early cause and effect work with a switch, touch-screen or mouse.

React: Shapes 1 has five modes of access covering switches, touch-screens and pointing devices such as mouse, roller ball and eye gaze. Choose from press or touch anywhere through to fine targeting. If you don't have assistive technology at home, don't worry, every one of our programs can be operated simply by pressing the spacebar.

REACT: Shapes One Switch Caps
Download and print a collection of switch caps to use with React: Shapes One.