Pop! is a fun balloon popping game for those learning to target and click objects with a pointing device or touch screen. Bright colourful balloons float gently float up the screen. Pop the balloons by clicking or touching them. Choose 'Challenge' and pop ten balloons for a musical reward or 'Free Popping' and you can pop forever.

Pop has been carefully designed for those who are just learning to get to grips with a touchscreen or pointing device. The balloons move slowly, giving the student time to track, target and click them before they leave the screen.

Using Pop is easy. Simply click the button to choose either pointing device or touch screen. You can change the size of the mouse pointer by using the side buttons. Use the trophy button to choose your mode of play. It's best to start with 'Challenge' as the student will be rewarded when they manage to click ten balloons. Some students require a little more help to stay on task than others, so we've added a couple of features to provide extra support. Use the music button to turn the background music on or off. Some students find background music distracting.

Those students with visual difficulties may benefit from plain backgrounds and high contrast colours. Choose those by clicking the background button.