Letter Invaders

Letter Invaders is an arcade game themed letter recognition program designed for young people who are learning to use a keyboard. Shoot down the alien invaders by finding the correct key on the computer keyboard.

Choose from finding upper case letters to match those on a standard PC keyboard. Lower case letters if you are using a lower case keyboard or the numbers 0 to 9. Students work their way through the game by completing levels where they will have to press 10 correct letters on the keyboard to defeat the incoming alien invaders before their laser energy runs out. When a level is completed, the student is given a short reward and the next level starts with a tiny increase in difficulty. If the student runs out of energy, the game is over and the score is displayed.


The game has been tuned for beginners so starts easy with lots of time for the student to find the letters to complete each level. The difficulty gradually increases by increasing the speed which the students energy runs out. Letter Invaders was written with older learners in mind and is filled with laser blasts and explosions just like an arcade game.