Hungry Bunnies

Hungry Bunnies is a simple targeting activity for young people with additional needs who are learning to use a pointing device such as a mouse, roller-ball or touchscreen. Move the mouse pointer (or touch) and of the rabbits for a delightful prompt animation. Click them or remove your finger if you are using a touch screen to chase them out of the carrot patch. Chase all five to receive an animated musical reward.

Developing targeting skills with Hungry Bunnies

Hungry Bunnies is ideal for students who are moving on from activities with a single target. In Hungry Bunnies smaller targets appear at random locations around the screen. To complete the activity, the student must first find the target on the screen then touch it. When all of the targets have been touched, a reward is given.

Using Hungry Bunnies is easy. Simply touch or click the bunnies to chase them out of your carrot field. when all of the bunnies are gone, you'll get an animated reward.