Happy Smiles

Happy Smiles continues the fun of our popular 'Happy Shapes' series with this engaging cause and effect program for young people with additional needs who are learning to interact with their world through a computer.

Like its predecessor, Happy Smiles uses colourful, high contrast, smiley faces set to motivating music and movement to really grab the student's attention and get them looking and listening to the effects they are creating on the computer.

Using Happy Smiles is easy. Simply click the button for the access device you are using and the activity is ready to go.  Each device can be tailored to meet a specific access need, for example you can change the colour of switch prompts to match the switch the young person is using.

You can select the size and type of the prompts and targets; use larger mouse pointers to help those with VI and set an eye gaze dwell click time appropriate to the young person's access needs.

Happy Smiles Switch Caps
Download and print a collection of switch caps to use with Happy Smiles.