Eye Gaze Bunnies

Eye Gaze Bunnies is a version of our popular 'Hungry Bunnies' program which has been rewritten specifically for eye gaze users. Set the dwell speed on the opening screen. 'Slow' is two seconds, 'Medium' is one and a half seconds and 'Fast' is one second, then click the 'Start' button.

Learners are given a short (symbol supported) pause to settle before the activity starts. Bunnies appear on the screen. When the student looks at them for the time set in the dwell settings, they will hop off the screen. When all of the bunnies have been chased from the field, the learners is rewarded with a short musical animation. The program will then look back to play again.

To use 'Eye Gaze Bunnies', you should set your eye gaze system to Windows (or mouse) Control. Please turn off clicking or set it to a switch. Our program handles all of the dwell timings and clicking.