Transformational Technology

Remember when interactive whiteboards transformed teaching and learning for students with severe and complex needs? When Pokemon Go had all of our students who were on the spectrum out in the community socialising with others or when eye gaze taught us all we needed to know about our students with profound and complex needs. Me neither!
Technology is an important tool in our toolbox. For some it provides a voice, for others it helps make accessible a world littered with cognitive and physical barriers. It helps motivate and enthuse students on their learning journey, but it is just one piece in the sometimes complex puzzle of how best to reach our students.
Some years ago I said that the best app you could have on your iPad was an interested and informed educator, therapist, parent or carer who knows what to use and when to use it… or not. The technology has changed but what underpins that statement is the same now as it was in 2010.