Celebrations and events

Here you'll find a collection of resources to support a celebrations theme.
SENICT activities are written by us for switch, touch-screen, mouse and eye gaze users. SENICT activities can be used online by clicking the links. Each activity has images and music designed to encourage and motivate students to engage with communication and learning.

EasterHave a Happy Easter
Play 'Happy Easter' online

Christmas Jukebox 2Christmas Tunes Jukebox 2
Play 'Christmas Jukebox 2' online

This is HalloweenThis is Halloween - be afraid!
Play 'This is Halloween' online

DiwaliMusical slideshow for Diwali
Play 'Diwali is here' online

Christmas Jukebox 1Christmas Tunes Jukebox 1
Play 'Christmas Jukebox 1' online

Diwali (Hindi)Musical slideshow for Diwali Hindi
Play 'Diwali is here' (Hindi) online

Sleepy JesusHush Sleepy Jesus - Nativity Song
Play 'Hush Sleepy Jesus' online

Mister Hankey the Christmas PooMr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
Play 'Mr. Hankey' online

For more free to use accessible activities, visit our sister site SENICT Software.

Important Notice: Some of the free activities on this page feature images and sound which are protected by copyright. Where possible, permission to use them has been sought however if you are the copyright owner of any sound or image and would rather they were not used in these teaching activities for disabled children, please contact me and I will remove them.