Computer ResourcesHere you'll find over 200 free accessible activities to run on your computer. Our activities have been carefully designed to help your students develop and build access skills using switches, touch-screens or pointing devices such as joysticks or eye gaze.

If you want to find out more about setting up SENICT activities you could watch this short video which explains all of the settings.

SENICT Activities Video

All of our 'SENICT' programs can be operated with a wide range of access devices including switches, touch-screens, pointing devices and eye gaze systems. Switch interfaces should be set to send <SPACE>. Eye gaze systems should be set for 'Mouse / Windows' control. Our program handles the dwell clicking.

newslideSome of the activities on our web site have been made with 'Slideshow Maker', a program by Inclusive Technology which enables you to create simple cause and effect activities for switch, touch-screen or pointing device users. If you want to find out more about making activities in Slideshow Maker, Ian has recorded an informative video which you can watch by clicking the button below.

Slideshow Maker Video

If you have Slideshow Maker in school, you can download all of our activities and import them directly into the program by downloading these files. 'Slideshow Files 1' 'Slideshow Files 2'
Warning: These are BIG files in excess of 100mb each.

Many of the activities on this web site have been requested by colleagues working in special schools who are looking to find activities to motivate and engage their students. If you have a suggestion for an activity for your class or individual student, please use the form on our contact page and we'll see if we can't make it for you.