It’s been 10 years since Apple released the first iPad and in that time we’ve seen a seismic shift away from ‘traditional’ assistive technology and a move toward the iPad as the ‘tool’ of choice for educators and therapists working in the field of special education. The reasons are obvious; access to an internet connected, touch-enabled computer, wherever and whenever it is needed. Gone are the days when technology happened in the ‘computer’ corner of the classroom. Learning can happen anywhere and at any time for anyone.

Although ‘cool’ and ‘exciting’, iPads are just another tool we as educators, therapists and parents can choose to help motivate and engage our students with the learning process. Portability, touch access and over a million well written apps provide opportunities for learning that were impossible just a few short years ago, overcoming the traditional barrier of having to teach the student how to use the technology before they are able to use that technology to learn.

This two-hour webinar examines and shares best practice in the use of iPads and apps to support the communication and learning needs of children and young adults with severe and complex intellectual, physical and sensory difficulties. With the focus firmly on practical advice, Ian will share apps and teaching ideas to help you make the most of this technology in your classroom.

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Topic: iPads and Apps in the Special Education Classroom
Hosted By: Ian Bean
Start: Thursday, Apr 22, 2021 19:00
Category: webinars
Duration: 2 hours 0 minutes
Current Timezone: Europe/London

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