Eye Gaze

Unlocking Abilities Eye Gaze

A collection of useful resources covering eye gaze assessment and skills progression.

Look 2 Learn Workbook

A useful workbook which describes progress for students using Smartbox Look 2 Learn early eye gaze software.

Eye Harp
Pick to Play 2

A gridset for Grid3 which provides access to 85 of the activities on our website. No login to our web site is required to use these activities. Access has been set to computer control be default but can be changed in Grid3 settings. To use file just double click it. Requires Grid3.

Eye Gaze Software Curve

A poster mapping software and activities to progression with eye gaze devices from CALL Scotland.

Attention & Looking Workbook

A useful workbook which demonstrates making progress with Inclusive Technology's Attention and Looking early eye gaze software.