Flutterby finally finished


After a couple of weeks of planning and programming, our new program is finally finished. Flutterby is a cause and effect program for anyone who is learning to operate a computer with a switch, touch-screen or eye gaze system. It’s easy to use. Simply choose how you will access the program, click ‘Play’ and you’re away. Touch screen users get to watch a butterfly meander around the screen, touching it when it lands. The target butterfly visits each quadrant of the screen before settling in the centre. After the final touch, the student is rewarded with music and animation.

Because we’re not a big fan of multiple press switch activities, switch users see a large butterfly appear on the screen accompanied by an auditory prompt. Pressing the switch will start the reward.

We’ve added eye gaze settings too which work much like the touch-screen settings with the addition of ‘on-gaze’ highlighted targets. Yes, the butterflies change colour when you look at them.

settingsWe’ve added a range of options which will allow you to personalise the activities to best meet the needs of your students. You can select specific high contrast colours for the butterfly targets which, when used with the plain background option, make the program highly suitable for those of our students with visual or perceptual difficulties.

photoFlutterby can be used online for free however web site restrictions mean it runs in window on a web page. Eye gaze control is not available in the free web version however stand alone full screen versions with eye gaze can be purchased for the PC and MAC (OSX) for £3.50 for a single user and £11.50 for a school site licence which covers unlimited installs at a single geographical site.

Try FLUTTERBY online

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