What every school needs to know

Young people with special needs face many difficulties in their life, using the computer shouldn't be one of them. This practical hands-on course provides a comprehensive overview of common assistive technologies and show they can be used to help overcome access difficulties.

We'll look at;
 - Keyboards and alternatives.
 - Pointing devices including mouse, roller-balls, joysticks, head mouse systems.
 - Touch screens and interactive white-boards.
 - Switches.
 - Tablet devices including iPad.
 - Eye gaze systems. 

Participants on this course will;
 - learn assessment techniques to help identify why a student is having access difficulties.
 - gain knowledge of a wide range of assistive technology solutions.
 - be able to offer solutions and on-going support to students with access difficulties.

This course can be delivered over a whole day or half day and is perfect for colleagues working directly with students who are experiencing physical, cognitive, sensory and perceptual difficulties. Participants will receive a comprehensive pack of hand-outs and other support materials including step-by-step guides and useful software.

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