EMM ICTThis course examines the role of the iPad in the classroom, focusing specifically on the features most useful to teaching students with special needs. We'll show you how to set up 'Guided Access', 'Switch Access' and how to manage restrictions enabling you to personalise the iPad for your students. We'll also share with you a wealth of tried and tested free and low cost apps that will have real impact in your teaching or therapy.

With the focus firmly on practical examples, we'll look at;

 - The benefits and drawbacks of using iPads in the classroom.
 - Setting up and personalising the iPad to meet the needs of your students.
 - Using accessibility features such as switches.
 - A wide range of apps to support learning across the curriculum.

Participants will;
 - Understand when and when not to use iPads in their classroom.
 - Learn how to set up an iPad to meet the specific needs of a student.
 - Learn how to connect and use switches with the iPad.
 - Know an wide range of useful apps and how to choose them to meet specific teaching requirements.

This practical, hands-on course can be delivered over a full or half day. All participants will receive a comprehensive pack of hand-outs which includes step-by-step guides, app lists and other useful resources.

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