Eye Gaze CourseEye gaze systems have revolutionised computer access for our students with severe physical difficulties. In recent years, cheaper, stand-alone eye gaze cameras have become available and many schools have purchased them to explore the potential of this technology for their students with severe and profound cognitive difficulties.

We'll look at;
 - Setting up and personalising your eye gaze system for individual students.
 - A wide range of software, both paid and free from a variety of vendors.
 - Strategies for assessment, on-going support and identifying progress.

Participants on this course will;
- Learn how to assess students for eye gaze technology.
- Learn how to choose appropriate software to meet the needs of the student.
- Have the skills and confidence to support students using eye gaze in school.

This course can be delivered over a full or half day. Participants will receive a comprehensive pack of hand-outs which include step-by-step guides and free eye gaze software.

For more information or to book this course for your school, please visit our CONTACT page.