Every year, tens of thousands of young people with additional support needs from all over the world come together to use our Accessible Advent Calendar. Each day through December, they open gift boxes to reveal a new Christmas-themed, accessible activity which has been carefully designed for switch, touch, mouse and eye gaze users.

Our Accessible Advent Calendar is back for 2020 with some updates to make it even easier for everyone to use. You can choose to use the calendar online or download the calendar to use on your Windows PC.

Use the Calendar Online
Click the image to the right to use the calendar online. SENict Accessible Calendar online requires a Flash enabled browser. If you are not sure how to enable Flash in your browser, please speak with the technical support team at your school or organisation.

You can download a range of support files to help you make the most of our calendar in your classroom. Advent Activities Order - PECS Choosing Cards.

Download the Calendar to your Computer
Click the image to the right to download the calendar program to your computer. SENict Accessible Advent Calendar is for Windows based PC computers.
December 1 Update - This new version removes the blue border on some computer screens.

The download folder contains the program plus support files including PECS choosing sheets to support choosing activities.

We've made a few improvements this year to make the calendar even easier to use.

The calendar program now reads the current date from your computer and uses this to build a twenty five day calendar display on your screen. This ensures that new gifts appear at the appropriate time no matter which time zone you are in. If you try and run the calendar before the 1st of December, you will not see any gifts being displayed. Calendar dates beyond the current day are greyed out to help students better understand which boxes can be opened and which can not. As the date progresses toward Christmas Day, all of the calendar boxes will be filled with gifts in turn.

Depending on which start option you choose, the program will respond in one of two ways.

Choose 'Just Today'
Today's box is always shown with an orange border and can be touched or clicked to start the activity for today. No other boxes can be selected and opened, even ones that have been opened in the past. This allows you to focus on just the new activity for today.

Choose 'Available'
Gifts will be displayed in all of the calendar boxes to the current date. Touching or clicking any box that holds a gift will open the activity for that specific day. This setting allows children to choose both the new activity for today and return to past favourites.

Have a lovely and safe Christmas. I'm looking forward to working with you all in 2021.