40 FREE accessible activities

Free activitiesA busy weekend here at SENICT towers adding ten new titles to the growing list of free activities on our sister web site SENICT Software. In response to requests from educators and therapists, we’ve added activities themed around all four of the major British soaps, popular TV cartoons such as The Simpsons and Family Guy and films such as Dirty Dancing and The Jersey Boys.

Accessible activitiesAll of the activities can be operated with a switch, touch-screen, mouse (or other pointing device) and eye gaze. The music and animated images will help engage and motivate young people in the process of learning to use a computer with assistive technology. We are happy to receive requests. If there is an TV program, film or pop star that your students enjoy, let us know and we’ll make it for you.

Additional materialsWe’s also added some free support materials. Switch caps to help your student make sense of cause and effect and a collection of activity cards for use in communication and choosing activities.

You can use these activities online for free from here:



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