Month: June 2015

Free Gazespeaker Suite for Eye Gaze

It seems to me that if you want to make BIG money in the special needs market, the place to be is eye gaze. It’s not uncommon to see pretty mediocre software commanding huge prices simply because it has a ‘For Eye Gaze’ label. Excited this morning to find the free (yes free) Gaze Speaker Read More …

Free Visual Supports Maker

AAC Card Maker is a really useful free resource to let you create and print PECS cards, visual supports or communication ‘talk’ sheets directly from your web browser. The resource uses the full 10,000 symbol ARASAAC set and will also automatically search google for photos where a symbol may not be available or appropriate. You cards Read More …

‘Get Creative’ with popular teaching apps

Looking for a little inspiration to help you get the most from those wonderful apps on your iPad. Here’s a collection of short videos covering some of the most popular teaching apps such as Book Creator, Puppet Pals, iMovie and more. Get Creative Videos

100s of free visual support printables

Here’s a really useful web site for your bookmark collection. Hundreds, yes hundreds of free printable visual supports, teaching activities and other resources. Many use Boardmaker PCS symbols which will help to ensure consistency. The page can be a little intimidating as it’s just a very long list but each resource is clearly labeled with Read More …

New course: Eye Gaze, iPads, Apps & Switches

Still a couple of places left on my Eye Gaze, iPads, Apps and Switches course for the Scottish Sensory Centre in Edinburgh on 31st of August 2015. This hands-on course focuses firmly on practical advice and teaching ideas showing how to get the best from these technologies for learners with complex needs and sensory impairments. Read More …

Zumo slapping for switch skills success?

I’m not one to knock innovation, especially in the field of special needs where new technologies can have such profound impact for our students. Take eye gaze for example, originally developed to help sell food in supermarkets, now facilitating independence and communication for people with the most complex difficulties. Innovation is something to be encouraged.

USB Switch from Pretorian Technologies

Had a bit of a play with the new USB Switch from Pretorian Technologies when I was visiting the Hollybank Trust the other day. The idea is simple, you plug the switch directly into the computer via an available USB socket and the switch is ready to go. No drivers, no switch box needed. It’s Read More …

Google Tools for Special Needs

Here’s a very useful Google Doc round up of the accessibility features built into Google products such as Search, Chrome, Android etc. The link will take you to the live online document or you can download a PDF from our Document Library Google Tools for Special Needs